Chimpoo Simpoo

Starts 2nd May Mon - Thu 1:30 PM
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About Chimpoo Simpoo

A detective duo with minds that work faster than you can say "Boo", instincts that save them from precarious situations and the presence of mind to invent and discover on the go, Chimpoo and Simpoo are always ready to put their detective skills to test.
Chimpoo is a regular kid by day with an even more ordinary dog, Simpoo. But when it's time to nab a criminal, solve a mystery or find clues, Chimpoo and Simpoo transform into detective coat wearing duo, skulking in corners and planning their next big case.
Chimpoo and Simpoo don’t rely on superpowers or fancy gadgets to solve crimes and nab the dreaded villains. Using only their quick thinking to outwit villains and create gadgets out of anything and everything. They're known to make fancy inventions out of simple things like water cups and ropes, cycle tires and balloons, etc.
No crime is too big or small for this pair. If your mom's expensive earrings are stolen, they will find a way to identify the kidnapper. If a gang of villains has attacked the town, they will find a way to fight them with no help from anyone else. Even if your pencil is stolen, you can rely on Chimpoo and Simpoo to be there for you!
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