About ZeeQ

ZeeQ, one of India's most popular kid's entertainment channels is a part of ZEEL (Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd). The channel boasts of an interesting line-up of shows which offer Mind-full Masti.

ZeeQ has adopted the positioning of Mind-full Masti because 'masti' is a proof that a child is both - physically and mentally active. It is a manifestation of his/her creativity. This channel is an entertainment hub for 4-14 year old kids, full of fun, masti and comedy, which offers entertainment whilst they learn various life-skills through the shows. Each show that airs on the channel is entertaining yet has been discerningly screened for the slightest of negative influences be it the language, actions, attitudes or behaviour. It's the channel's steadfast commitment to only show what's right for the child. Right from airing the best international shows or the original Indian content developed, 'Mind-full Masti' will always be the only yardstick for ZeeQ to choose shows for the young audience.